Get paid for your content

Imagine a new world where you could…

Leave Twitter and Instagram and take all your connections with you.

Receive payments from millions of your fans at the click of a button.

Create content you own that can NEVER be deleted.

How it works

Create a Decentralized Identity

Create a Decentralized Identity that only you have access to, secured by the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

Create Your Community

Create a community under your brand. Set the tone with your guidelines and build your own page. Zion will provide all the tools needed to manage your community with ease.

Set a value

With a price to Join, Price to Post and Staking Fees you just set a price when creating the community page. Your community will have access to your exclusive content and participate in the conversation.

Publish Content

Do what you do best - create. Publish your videos, MEMES and thoughts for your community to view and discuss.

Engage with Community

Don’t forget, this is a community, don’t be afraid to share other experiences with your everyone. Live chat and daily posts to increase engagement.

Get Paid

With a recurring revenue stream from payments directly to your wallet, you’ll have a steady flow of income to keep creating what you want. Our integration with your lightning wallet keeps the payment process hassle free and fast.

Engage with your Community

Community Interactions

Everyone can post too. Like, comment and most importantly boost on content posted in your community and see the community interact with each other.

Lightning Fast Payments

Financial rewards encourage creativity and originality.

Open Chat Message

 Members can pay more for the option of sending you a message in the community 

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Zion App

Zion App